282.06 КБ
WORKS limited edition of 50 copies
30x30, cover black leather + diasec
5 kg
all copies signed and numbered
(published 2014)


Nudes in the City
203.29 КБ
Nudes in the City
29х29 168 pg
104 black and white works
preface by JL Wisniewski
published 2015
A new book Nudes in the city, which features many never-before-seen photos from the main project that was created during last ten years, is devoted to describe the essence of beauty and contains of 104 black and white photos. Visiting a long variety of different countries, seeing multiple cultures Ruslan gathered a large mosaic of women’s characters from Havana to Kiev, from Galle to Moscow. Inimitable aura of each city was reflected in a stunning female look.
«Lobanov’s album is just strikingly brilliant. Full point», said Janusz Leon Wisniewski, a reviewer of Nudes in the city



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