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Nudes in the City
203.29 КБ
Nudes in the City
29х29 168 pg
104 black and white works
preface by JL Wisniewski
published 2015
A new book Nudes in the city, which features many never-before-seen photos from the main project that was created during last ten years, is devoted to describe the essence of beauty and contains of 104 black and white photos. Visiting a long variety of different countries, seeing multiple cultures Ruslan gathered a large mosaic of women’s characters from Havana to Kiev, from Galle to Moscow. Inimitable aura of each city was reflected in a stunning female look.
«Lobanov’s album is just strikingly brilliant. Full point», said Janusz Leon Wisniewski, a reviewer of Nudes in the city


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im from Germany
where can i buy this book?

А календарь на 17 год будет ?
где можно будет заказать купить ? а то гугл не особо помогает :(

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